Update: RSVP closed at 11:30 pm on Monday March 15th.

Folks! We’ve been waiting, and you’ve been wondering:

Well dudes, hope you’re packing your madras, platform clog sandals, weirdest ponytail holders or WHATEVER YOU WEAR TO FEEL GOOD IN cause in just one week and one day we’ll be all set up at at 1101 E. 5th Street between San Marcos and Waller in Austin, going hard for four full days. From March 16th till March 19th, the FADER FORT by FIAT is a 100% free party as long as you RSVP right here. You don’t have to wear any kind of credentials, but you can—festival badgeholders will be honored on a first come first serve basis.

We’ve been announcing participating bands and DJ’s on our twitter since last week. Keep following us there and on facebook for final lineup announcements in the next couple of days. Right now, make sure we know your name and prepare to get mind blown, really refreshed and probably kind of sweaty.

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  1. Kathryn Aumack says:

    RSVP +1

  2. Diego Ugarte says:

    RSVP +1

  3. Corey Mitchell says:

    I did my rsvp yesterday(monday the 14th) but never got a conformation email. I tried again today but you cant rsvp today. also the web site says the rsvp closed at 11pm on monday the 15th but monday was the 14th so is there a way to rsvp today, since this is the 15th

  4. Melissa Moore says:

    RSVP +1

  5. RSVP Just me! Pleeeeease!

  6. RSVP
    Plus none! Pleeeease?

  7. Jay Friedman says:

    I submitted registration on Sunday but received no confirmation. Please add me to list +1? Please?

  8. Mayra says:

    rsvp plus 1

  9. Daniel Shearer says:

    see you there! can’t wait!

  10. Matt Sames says:

    RSVP +1 please!
    It’s the 15th so RSVP closes tonight then right?

  11. Charlotta Skog says:

    Rsvp charlotta +2, feels like Monday today

  12. Renee says:

    RSVP + 1. Today is the 15th

  13. Aaron Greene says:

    RSVP + 1. Still the 15th. Thanks.

  14. Karla Palmilla says:

    I want In!!

  15. Kyla Jeschke says:

    I also RSVP’d and never got a confirmation email.

  16. RSVP +1 Por favor

  17. Cayce Weems says:

    RSVP +1, please

  18. Jocelyn Edwards says:

    RSVP +1. Thank you.

  19. Andrea Gamez says:

    RSVP +2 Please?!! Thank You

  20. Gary Lee says:

    RSVP +1 PLEASE!!

  21. Bridgett says:

    Please! Rsvp +1

  22. i rsvped and got nothing email wise. anyone checking this to rsvp a fellow who travelled from new orleans to check this out

  23. Kelsey Scheib says:

    RSVP +1

  24. Miguel Maymi says:


  25. Morganne ovalle says:

    RSVP +1