Daily Inspiration: The Notorious BIG, “One More Chance”

Today at FADER HQ, EVERYBODY bumped Mister Cee‘s Biggie tribute on their radios. Cee did the entire Biggie catalog justice, threw in dope remixes and features cuts. We sang along to all of the joints that rocked our junior-high worlds and fondly remembered the homie that we lost fourteen years ago. Despite being larger than life, literally and figuratively, Biggie felt like a dude that we had kicked it with on Fulton Ave, or like a friend that spotted us a dollar to get a Tropical Fantasy and some sunflower seeds. Despite all hailing from different corners of the world, Biggie’s music sounds like home to all of us. So much so that we all feel aight hollering Where Brooklyn At?!?!?!

It’s near twilight of #Biggie Day now. Watch these videos with the volume ALL THE WAY UP and honor the man who made so many of us feel large. PS: Shout out to all the bubble-goose jackets and Oakley wrap-around sunglasses!

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  2. He was legendary no doubt. We all know what really happened to him and who did it. Those songs will always jam!

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