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The Question Game: Crazy Band

For all who were bummed when Mika Miko broke up, rest assured that the dream is still very much alive. It's just been chilling at The Slaughterhouse—a little house in Echo Park where a few ladies and one gent make music and call themselves Crazy Band. We've been following the harrowing adventures of lead singer Jesse Spears and saxophonist Jenna Thornhill in their free-form, non-speak blog/photo chronicles that feel like the biggest fuck you to third grade grammar teachers everywhere. Online they talk about dropping out of 'real' life, making art of of trash and how awesome/important it is to have friends. Recently we got the chance to meet our internet heroes in person at their recreational center for twenty-something burner girls. Spears + band donned masks and Zen Mafia hats, packed a bong, and then answered a few questions, drafted up by their onlooking bro-friend who also happened to be giving himself a tattoo. Not really sure what happened after that, but we're happy that people like this exist in a place like Los Angeles, and that none of them are Scientologists, as far as we know. Word is they might be heading east to play shows this summer, but until then we will live vicariously through their romantic thrash getaways and pictures of palm trees.

The Question Game: Crazy Band