Your Friday Hangover Lunch: Doughnut Plant


It is lunchtime in New York on a Friday and chances are you are suffering the repercussions of Thursday night. Like clockwork you’ve gone and destroyed yourself with copious amounts of wine on your OKCupid date or whatever. Maybe it led to some good conversation. Maybe it even led to some smooching in the rain! But now it’s time to sober up and pretend like it’s still an appropriate time to eat breakfast. Doughnut Plant just opened at the Chelsea Hotel right down the street from our office. The featured donuts change daily, from your basic blackout donut to a sultry coconut cream variety to the creme bruleé creation pictured above. We are going to go eat all of them and then watch this Paula Deen video while feeling kind of bad about ourselves. Drunks everywhere, take note—we’re looking at you, Rihanna!

POSTED March 11, 2011 3:00PM IN ART+CULTURE NEWS Comments (2)




  1. Jonah Gold says:

    What a mess…

  2. Someone says:

    Oh sweet Jesus!

    Why I live in San Francisco instead of New York, I still don’t know. Perhaps it’s the weather, but it’s not. For we have far less days of warmer weather than one might imagine, and the doughnuts and pizza makers here will never be able to withstand my Staten Island born taste buds.