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Mazes, "No Way" MP3

Have you watched Reality Bites recently? Ben Stiller in a boxy suit, everyone doing ’90s things like talking to a boxy video camera (everything was so boxy back in those ancient days) while drinking Big Gulps and bringing up book titles haphazardly like they're proof of intelligence. There's a coffee spot near our office that sometimes has a woman who seems like the 2011 version of all the characters: Not stoked on having a job and would rather be doing anything else but selling us coffee—we have no idea what she does in her spare time, but whatever she does, she makes it seems like a pretty good scene. There's a fine line between not caring and doing a bad job, and not caring but making it seem really attractive anyway. Mazes pull it off on "No Way," I never wanna get out of bed, no way/I never wanna do what you said, no way, is a ’90s Gen X attitude if there ever was one. Life before it got cool to hustle all the time, but sitting in the middle enough that if you had some talent, doing nothing could still produce something good. A Thousand Heys is out on Fat Cat in April.

Mazes, "No Way" MP3