Video: Lil Boosie f. Lola Monroe and His Mom, “Green Light Special”

It’s messed up if Lil Boosie murdered a man, a tragedy for the deceased Terry Boyd and his family, for the incarcerated Terrance Hatch and his, and a weird position for fans of the little man’s impossible rapping voice, made only stranger and more devastating with the opening scene to the newly released, Motion Family-produced “Green Light Special” video, which features a plea for financial assistance from Boosie’s mother. Following Boosie’s indictment last summer on murder and drug trafficking charges, the court froze his assets, limiting his family’s ability—one of his eight children is also featured—to pay legal and life fees. Bad times all around, rendered even more surreal by the juxtaposition of his distressed mother and the pre-jail footage of a shirtless Boosie nuzzling a bath-toweled Lola Monroe under the sheets and on the kitchen island, their sex time fleeting, layered with lingering misfortune. With every new video Motion Family doles out, the cloud looms overhead that this might be the last, Boosie’s final appearance on film. We think about that, and all of this, and we get super, super sad.

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  2. brenda says:

    he dont deserve da death penanlty… free lil boosie