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Hixsept Revels in Beachy Basquiat Looks

With an amazingly lo-fi Warhol-esque video on their main page, colorful avant garde prints and bold sets featured in their lookbook, it is impossible see the latest looks from Hixsept without Basquiat coming to mind. It is not surprising to know that Hixsept is the handiwork of two French graffiti artists, Hëx and Hept. Instead of juxtaposing the colorful chaos against a gritty cityscape, this French brand has opted to evoke a prepster beachy vibe that brings to mind Brian Wilson more than Banksy. Check out their colorful huarache sandals, bold printed button-ups and colorful slacks and shorts that would be the perfect accompaniment for any summer trips you have planned to the French Riviera. Following in the footsteps of the aforementioned New York artists, if you take a peak at their previous collections, Hixsept's dynamic conceptual work comes to the forefront.

Hixsept Revels in Beachy Basquiat Looks