Suite903: Ellie Goulding’s Got Soul

Here at Suite903 I try to keep the definition of soul music open. Soul is exactly what it sounds like— music that comes from within an artist and feels like a sermon on a Sunday morning. No matter the emotion the song stirs in you it should be true and your hands should immediately go up to testify. Last week I spoke about vocalists and today I get to bring you guys an example of exactly that. Ellie Goulding creates dance pop, but the girl’s got soul. Whether it be the funky disco bass lines in her songs, her Mariah Carey style or the glass-breaking riffs that she flawlessly executes while winding like it’s the last song at the barbecue— she brings all of herself into the performance. Did I freak out when she did a drum breakdown over Kanye’s “Power”? YES! Will I be copying her two-step hip swivel move for the summer? Of course. Mostly though, I was just glad to see a singer enjoy herself so much and like a true diva apologize for her appearance after “sweating her face off.” Ellie you were gorgeous and exactly the kind of thing I needed this week to remember that no matter where I go I can always find a bit of soul in something. Watch one song from her performance at the FADER FORT by