Little Dragon Bro Down with the PS22 Chorus

On Monday night Little Dragon performed on Fallon, then yesterday they trekked out to Staten Island to see New York’s other landmark music fans—the Oscar-closing, loved-by-Oprah PS22 Chorus. Yukimi led a 65-voice version of “Twice” Then the kids cover, in nice and proud loud voices, the essential territory anyone might want to know about the group. They got together in high school, their name is about the little bit of anger it takes to fuel creativity. How does it feel to be the only girl hanging out with a bunch of dudes all the time? Friendship goes beyond “that stuff.” That stuff = gender, etc. They did “Recommendation,” too. Look how good these kids can squiggle! Neon oversize tees as school uniform, for the record, totally cool with us.

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