MondreMAN of Main Attrakionz’s Dope Since ’91 Mixtape


In a young rap hype machine dominated by impossibly large personalities, staying smoking in Oakland basements, tagging your mixtapes “lo-fi” and not losing your shit on Twitter is maybe the most confident approach of all. Squadda B and MondreMAN of Main Attrakionz the Best Duo Ever and Shady Blaze have released three deep, deep mixtapes over the past two months, almost wholly produced within their Green Ova Undergrounds camp. The Green Ova sound is instantly identifiable: dark grape, post-hyphy, complex and bleak beats, with deep couch-sinking, cough-syrup melancholy verses. It’s low key, under-heard and constantly brilliant. MondreMAN’s Dope Since ’91 Mixtape, half-produced by Green Ova’s Nem270 with big contributions from Squadda B, is more of the same, more rock solid hidden gems, a full new hour of subtle slaps to beat back the acid rain.

Download: MondreMAN of Main Attrakionz’s Dope Since ’91 Mixtape

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  1. Ryan says:

    green ova take ova

  2. Mike Of Doom says:

    I love how Fader fucks with the young talent.
    You`ll be hearing about me pretty soon.

  3. The intro was produced by Beautiful Lou

    thanks for the shine!!!