Stream: L’Xtrmst.Zen, “ZiggyZa ZiggyZi”


Poirier has been a busy, busy man. And who can blame him when there are so many weird musical sensations across the globe, still waiting to be uprooted and slapped together over his own brand of future-tribal-electro-whatever? Now he’s got his own label, Also Records, and the first thing he’s released doesn’t sound like soca, or kuduru, or dancehall at all. In fact, it’s about as close to home as he could get—pure Montreal. Apparently, this track is L’Xtrmst.Zen’s redux of an old Quebec folk song, which, as far as we can make out from various message boards, is about some guy who’s fishing, a rusty key, some “barren knights”, and the evasive nature of beauty. Throw in a little polka accordion, some French rap, and bada-bing.

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