FORT Fashion: If You’re Going to Austin, Be Sure to Wear Feathers in Your Hair

At any music festival, you’re sure to encounter a fair share of throwback fashion vibes. The best of which hint at Woodstock but keep one foot firmly planted in this decade. Which is why it seemed like the feather hair extension trend we were seeing everywhere at the FADER FORT by FIAT should’ve worked. It’s like the slicker, more sophisticated equivalent of tying a dream catcher to your dreads. What’s not to like? But the more we saw these hair-like plumes, the more we began to wish they were actually dream catchers tied to dreads. Why not go all out? Why be so demure about weaving feathers into your hair! The extensions were subtle to the point of seeming like some evolutionary variation—like these women were the Avatar versions of an earlier concert-going species, super-human fair-goers who can plug their quills straight into the sub woofers to instantly download the livestream (which is silly, because you can just watch it from your laptop here). It’s undeniable that that the trend is gaining traction, but we’re kinda hoping it won’t take flight.

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