The Let Out: Deadboy, Jackmaster and Redhino


Wow dudes, feel’s like a million years ago that we were living it up in Austin, but it was only last week. Exhausting! But in the best way possible. We’re now back to our regularly scheduled lives, which, it turns out are basically what hanging in Austin was like, only plus more cold weather and minus a lot of completely wasted people stumbling own the street all at once like a pack of zombies. To celebrate being back, we’ve invited out-of-towners Jackmaster, Redhino and Deadboy to drop by our little storefront and play a bunch of jams. You’re probably familiar with most of them, but if not, you should totally listen in and then head to The Cove in Williamsburg for Turrbotax where both Deadboy and Jackmaster will be DJing so well that we’ll probably wish it would last forever. Tune in to East Village Radio tonight from 6-8 PM EST on—where else?—East Village Radio dot com.

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