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Premiere Stream: Bullion, "Magic Was Ruler"

Totally got tricked this morning. We opened our eyes, noticed it was sunny and for a hot minute legitimately thought that Summer was here. Unfortunately, we were proven drastically wrong while standing there waiting for the train with freezing cold fingertips, wondering why we were so convinced that it would be like 70 degrees at the end of March. Wishful thinking? Maybe, or maybe we just let this Bullion song infect our brains over the weekend, and when those dubby horns bounce and echo off each other, all we can imagine is walking down the street at a regular person's pace and enjoying the warm air. "Magic Was Ruler" came out on a fancy one-sided etched 12-inch and sold out in like one second, and it'll be getting a wider release on April 25th.

Premiere Stream: Bullion, "Magic Was Ruler"