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Becoming Real, "Closer (Stalker Remix)" MP3

Becoming Real made "Closer," a masterfully executed pop redemption song built towards gospel from blip/ping piecemeal. People want their own part of it— Jam City made it over as a laboratory, antarctica cold party track. Chicago producer Stalker just slobbed warm, heavy saliva all over it, so it sounds like waking up when you've sweat the bed and done something that you feel is wrong but hope will build character. The muffled falsetto vocal loop towards track end feels like as-great-a-tragedy as Ciara getting mishandled by the whole industry. The world is a vampire, Becoming Real is no stranger to tragedy, he's writing a whole dissertation on 9/11 and it’s representation in art. Read our interview with him here.

Download: Becoming Real, "Closer (Stalker Remix)"

Becoming Real, "Closer (Stalker Remix)" MP3