Video: Ghostpoet, “Survive It”

The pacing on Ghostpoet’s “Survive It” video is beyond perfect, built bigger by everything from the nighttime lighting, his outside bathrobe, the slow-mo bubblegum pop, the omnipresent cup of tea, how still he sits on the bench. In February, the artist formerly known as The Streets called Ghostpoet his “favorite UK artist at the moment” and there’s a clear connection here to the humble, defeatist, not-focusing-on-rhyming mood of A Grand Don’t Come For Free, best captured in this bit: In a steamy hot bath I just hide my face/ The world looks different underwater/ I could’ve had a son or a daughter when I had a chance. SPOILER ALERT: even the visual representation of his creeping demons fit the song magically, their bobbing heads and toothy grins suggesting looming life problems toying with you rather than hellbent on your downfall. Ghostpoet’s debut album Peanut Butter Jam Blues & Melancholy Jam is out now, stream in its entirety here.

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