Video: Mount Kimbie Live at the Boiler Room

Following the “We are all Young Turks” intro, once Mount Kimbie begin their Boiler Room set, the first thing they play is a quote from Harmony Korine’s racially complicated Proenza Schouler vehicle Act Da Fool: “I believe that the earth is a big ball of shit—that’s why the dinosaur died out. And everyone gonna die sooner or later. That’s why I love cigarettes so much. I hope I don’t die for a long time though. I still got things I want to look at.” Puts you in the ZONE. If only all British melancholy dance shows started this way. This live set exists as a downloadable podcast, but it’s worth watching this first-person fan vid, worth seeing the live guitar come out, the moment at 23:30 when things stop being a DJ mix and start being a full-on jam.

Download: Mount Kimbie Live at the Boiler Room

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