Balkans, “Troubled and Done” MP3


Were really psyched on Atlanta’s Balkans the minute we heard the fucked up scratch of Edita V. It’s a summer anthem, all bratty and indignant and BORED and about not planning for the future, a quick soundtrack for being pissed. Second single has us just as stoked, but “Troubled and Done” is a different side of the summer-anthem coin. Also from the self-titled album out May 10, it seems to have loftier ambitions, a song with a future and a Strokes-territory popness for pool parties. It’s still the best kind of whiney, but a chord change or two and you could almost see this in an iPod commercial? That’s a compliment guys! Balkans are playing two shows in New York this weekend, check their web site for dates.

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  1. something may be wrong. i don’t see a stream or a mp3 at all. it’s an absolutely fantastic album, though all the way through.

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  3. seb says:

    something may be wrong.

    the balkans web site link doesn’t work!!