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Style: Vena Cava's New Shoes Rep East and West

The ladies of Vena Cava recently collaborated with the ladies of Ten Over Six to create a foolproof line of functional-yet-totally fucking fashionable shoes that can withstand the terrain of urban territories like New York City and Los Angeles. Both cities are, coincidentally, where the two designers recently resided before swapping places—Ten Over Six went West and Vena Cava came East. Giddy over designing their first line of footwear, Vena Cava went Sunset Boulevard wild with Lucite heels, sky-high platforms and acid yellow leather, which Ten Over Six then tailored with light-weight woods and supporting ankle straps for some concrete-ready reality. Ten Over Six's Kristen Lee says, "I still wear shoes like a New Yorker because I moved here recently. So even though we're in L.A. now, our shoes have always been walkable." In the video above, we take an up-close peek at the shoes with the Vena Cava's Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai. They're featured in the current issue of FADER, available digitally and on stands now.

Style: Vena Cava's New Shoes Rep East and West