Waka Flocka’s Benjamin Flocka Mixtape


So many affirmative yuhhhhs and uuhhhs from all sides (YG Hootie, P Smurf, Whoo Da Kid, Tity Boi and more, in turns) serving as a good stand-in for the morning coffee I haven’t drunk yet. Wish I was taking my morning cup at a Waffle House corner party-booth, sharing a power eggs-n-grits spread with Waka and his Brick Squad boys, asking them what they mean, exactly, when they say they’re lotto tickets or that their bank accounts are Switzerland. How many mixtapes feature Waffle House restaurants on their covers? Enough to document on a niche tumblr? Preliminary under-a-minute google search produced these:


Download: Waka Flocka’s Benjamin Flocka Mixtape

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  1. everyone says:

    we cant ell you don’t take more thna one minute to write a blog post but now we know for sure.

    he’s a lotto ticket because, as he describes in the first 10 seconds of the song, when he wlaks into the club girls say, oh, there’s my lotto ticket! meaning that he’s rich. like a lottery.

    second, the hook says money IN switzerland. Switzerland is a good place to put your American dollars if you’d like to avoid paying high taxes on them.

    try listening to this stuff. it’s pretty good!

  2. Renee says:

    I Like Dis Shit Dis Suum Thuqq Shit