Teyana Taylor Flees Cops After Assaulting Girl Who Talked Shit On Chris Brown


Last month, MediaTakeOut.com reported that Teyana Taylor—a singer who held her gaudy BMX 16th birthday party on MTV and appears on MBDTF and new-NY holiday classic “Christmas in Harlem”—is currently catching lots of affection from rumored boyfriend Kanye West, who’s “intrigued,” by the 21-year old’s, “innocence, and her body.”

Perhaps not-so-innocent? Late last night, Taylor assaulted a woman getting into an argument about another infamous male friend, Chris Brown, with whom she has been close since 2009. TMZ reports this morning that while hanging around a Burbank recording studio, an anonymous woman talked shit on Brown to Taylor, who then flipped out, punching the girl in the face till she fell on the floor. There, Taylor “proceeded to kick her in the stomach and head with her boots.” When cops arrived at the studio and found the woman swollen and scraped, Teyana was gone. Cops are currently trying to find Taylor for questioning, no charges against her have been filed yet.

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  1. Brixonne says:

    Why does Chris’ name have to be apart of this? I don’t know if the whole name calling thing is true, But Teyana was trying to defend her brother. I can’t imagine what the person had said for her to go this far .. If it happened. If someone talked sh*t about my sister , brother, or someone I truly cared about, If It was that bad no telling what I or anyone would do in that situation. Words do have an affect on people I just hope the girl is alright and I hope Teyana is thinking about what she has done. Maybe this all could of been avoided. Praying for the both of them.

  2. YouBoreMe says:

    The first (run- on) sentence of this post makes the writer sound as if she does not know of Teyana Taylor. That would be pretty embarrassing considering that many people (including myself) first read about her in FADER MAGAZINE. Not to mention that the site continues to report on her music, videos, and collaborations (as shown in Related Posts below).

    I have a few questions about this post –

    FADER posting from MediaTakeOut? Since when does the magazine report stories directly from gossip sites that aren’t interesting or, at the very least, funny?

    How you gonna spell MediaTakeOut incorrectly?

    Why have there been so many (like four) posts about black people being arrested, being in jail, and or being in legal trouble in the past three weeks? All of these articles have been written in a way that sounds condescending, misinformed, and just shy of bigoted. I can only assume (slash may know for sure) that these posts are written by white people. And for that, I puke on myself.

    If your writers can find anything nice to say about black people, maybe its better that they didn’t say anything at all. Or maybe a solution would be to hire some black writers.

  3. Darius says:

    Better question. When did The Fader become a terrible gossip column?

  4. benjy says:

    good to see this worthless trick get turned out by ye so quickly. nice of her to take a break from doin nothin to kick some bitch too…keep it up chick from super sweet 16 and jumbotron on espn!

  5. SlashKnowForSure says:

    Writing while sleeping again, are we?

  6. Slashknowforsure says:

    Writing while sleeping, are we?

  7. Kyluxx says:

    hahaha.. Teyana is the baddest chick out!!..
    No, I dont condone you go beat down people that you dont appreciate their opinion but some people just… (shakes head).. Obviously this anonymous women that got the beat down of her life should have known Teyana was a close friend of Chris.

    Why would you talk shit about someone to someone thats close to them!

    - Clever Alright!

  8. Khendal says:

    this is some MESS its crazy that she beat the hell out of that woman but she should have known that Teyana was a close friend of Chris’s but maybe this is a lesson for her and for anyone dont talk shit about someone you do not know because you dont know who they are connected to i DO NOT condone violence at all BUT sometimes it has to be like that (talk shit, get hit)