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Clams Casino, "Gorilla" MP3


Feel like there's some Miles Davis-type fusion jazz going on in this track somewhere. It's more heavily slow and psychedelic than Clams' collabos, groovy, even. But there's also a high level of carving and molding that makes it almost a super sad song. Sculpted to be sad, intentionally emotional the same way Harvey Weinstein manipulates movies to be heart-wrenching, tear-jerking Oscar Bait. Clams is like, How can I make the most heartsick track? He loves the bleakness so much he even includes moments where the track breathes and feels lighter only to highlight how it then builds, comes to push itself down. Clams Casino's Rainforest EP is out June 27th.

Download: Clams Casino, "Gorilla"

Clams Casino, "Gorilla" MP3