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Kwony Cash's Dis One 4 Da Peons Mixtape

Shout to commenter Ackime Snow for ID-ing the impetus behind Soulja Boy's buoyant new song "Zan With That Lean" as the general Auto-Tuned MO of new SODMG signee Kwony Cash. Putting aside the debate behind Soulja Boy's stylistic wanderings (more of which we await with the release of his new mixtape, Juice, tomorrow), this basically just caused a dash to the Dat Piff archives which came up with Kwony Cash's late 2010 slept on mixtape, Dis One 4 Da Peons, a semi-concept album/tribute to modern day scrubs/pigeons, though with a kind-hearted look to those a bit grimier, Kwony's continual lyrical trope being general ebullience. Making good on the promise of T-Pain's "I'm Sprung," if perhaps T-Pain had gone the other way from Rappa Ternt Sanga. Looking forward to this dude getting someone from Soulja Boy's crew to properly mix and master his next one. The world deserves it.

Download: Kwony Cash, Dis One 4 Da Peons mixtape

Kwony Cash's Dis One 4 Da Peons Mixtape