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Patent Leather Daddy's Gym Jams Mixtape


Patent Leather Daddy's new Gym Jams mixtape, dedicated to and inspired by a couple of Bruce LaBruce hooker flicks from the '90s, is so many different levels of beautiful trash. Opening with a DFA version of Nine Inch Nails' "Bite the Hand that Feeds" (one of three NIN songs), PLD makes weird sense of weird American radio history, Katy Perry nuzzled next to Marilyn Manson and janky TLC remixes. PLD is unafraid of the clash, and so we finally have a special space for Poly Styrene and Young L to hang out. Also, Clare Maguire made into a vocal house diva.

Download: Patent Leather Daddy Gym Jams Mix

Patent Leather Daddy's Gym Jams Mixtape