Video: Birdman f. T-Pain, Lil Wayne & Mack Maine, “I Get Money”

Lil Twist’s hair gets multiple cameos in the video for “I Get Money,” but the real star who doesn’t rap is the fake newspaper. This has always been a favorite prop for us, and we have a long history of obsessively pausing Netflix to see if they write a whole story or just a fake headline. At 2:40, there’s a shot of Nicki Minaj in the New York Times. You can only make out the first paragraph, but we’re going to give the director the benefit of the doubt and assume this copy does in fact refer to Ms. Young Money’s record-breaking album sales: “One member of Congress broke down and cried. Another was so incensed that she waved a pocket-size copy of the Constitution and declared, ‘This breathing document is in pain.’” Also none of that money is real, and maybe neither are Lil Wayne’s pecs.

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