Stream: PRGz, Hood Headlinaz Vol. 3 Mixtape


A pretty heavy portion of this Hood Headlinaz tape is produced by Block Beattaz, and if you’re familiar with this blog, you’ll know that those dudes have yet to make a beat that is not, at the very least, really interesting to listen to. That said, much of the actual rapping on this tape is great as well. “Off the Porch” is a highlight, despite being a repurposed jam from one of their earlier releases. It’s an incredibly immediate track, over a bouncy woodblock—we guess? What does a woodblock actually sound like?—ANYWAY! Over a bouncy woodblock, Mata’s verse starts the song off perfectly: I jumped off the porch as a youngster/put the bows up under the bed with the monsters/bumpin 8Ball, MJ, Scarface, Pimp C, Bun B, niggas just like me: huslahs. Of course, that’s not to discount the rest of this thing, which generally features some of Huntsville, Alabama’s finest going nuts over nuanced production from some more of Huntsville, Alabama’s finest. That’s a pretty solid amount of talent for only five bucks. Less than the cost of your lunch!

Stream: PRGz, Hood Headlinaz Vol. 3 Mixtape

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  2. Princess Lina says:

    Theres alot good hiphop. You should check out The Roots for example: Pierce Cruise or You got me. Check out their live stuff its great.