DJ Khaled and Everyone Make a Rap Video, Cam’ron and Vado Also Make a Rap Video

Used to be that posse cuts were a fun way for a bunch of friends to get together and rap about fun stuff and then get a lot of press and money and possibly a conceptual music video. Now they’re exercises in megastar ego inflation that go on for like seven minutes and feature as many people doing verses as humanly possible. It’s almost like they’re there grudgingly—like DJ Khaled tricked everyone into coming over for bagels and lox and then was like, HEY IT’S DJ KHALED THE DON DADA IF IT’S NOT TOO MUCH TROUBLE CAN YOU BE IN MY MUSIC VIDEO IT’S JUST GOING TO TAKE 24 STRAIGHT HOURS. The only people who seem like they’re having fun here are Waka and Ace Hood, and that’s mostly because they’re shaking their braids all over the place. Ludacris also makes a dated Charlie Sheen reference (sad face), and Bun B’s verse is better than it needs to be, but he doesn’t have braids so it looks like he’s not having that much fun.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum: Cam’ron and Vado have a video for “Hey Muma,” in which Cam’ron raps at a girl in an anonymous club while wearing a soft looking blue sweatshirt. Next to Khaled’s rap explosion, it comes off pretty quaint—Cam’ron and Vado (although, in this case, mostly just Cam’ron) rapping tongue twisters over ghost synths.

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  1. scheme says:

    quick thing: *braids–> dreads

    re: khaled’s video = “ad space for liquor” (c) Mos Def

    thoroughly enjoyed the cam/vado clip tho. overdone video concepts (i.e. rapping club rap in a club) for some reason gets a pass from me when it comes to dipset. clipse too.