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Stream: Vybz Kartel, "Go Go Wine (Prod. by Dre Skull)"


It took till the 69th consecutive listen of "Go Go Wine"—the new single Dre Skull crafted with Vybz Kartel, the notorious, beloved and changing face of Jamaican music— to notice that in it, Vybz invokes our favorite almost-nature city refuge to compliment his girl, telling her, Just like Coney Island they say ya full of fun. Vybz has cruised south Brooklyn's boardwalks? Or he's dropping the mention as a gesture towards the Hot 97 set, hoping to grab the "yo-yo waists" he's singing about, and hopefully hearts and iTunes allowances this summer. "Go Go Wine" is on sale May 3rd. Kingston Story, the full-length Vybz and Dre Skull completed together, arrives on Mixpak in June.

Stream: Vybz Kartel, "Go Go Wine (Prod. Dre Skull)"

Stream: Vybz Kartel, "Go Go Wine (Prod. by Dre Skull)"