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Suite903: Kenna's Chaos and The Darkness EP

The hoopla over the Royal Wedding this morning brought me back to the chat I had with Kenna earlier this week about privacy and mystery in this celeb-crazed world. Against that landscape, Kenna's a breath of fresh air. He speaks openly about where he has been (working on a million things), why he's releasing three EPs and an album (because he's awesome?) and who he's working with (not telling!) He's sure of himself and his particular path of growth. Together, we laughed a lot.

The new Land 2 Air Chronicles I: Chaos and The Darkness EP features the great spaced-out, alternative R&B vibes that Kenna is known for. You can listen to it now on his site. Below, check out his new video for "Chains", which is currently my audio addiction. The video plays like a documentary about what happens in my mind when I have tacos and milkshakes for lunch. It also features shots of every bootie style I will be wearing to the gym this summer for my stilletto workout plan. Enjoy!

Suite903: Kenna's Chaos and The Darkness EP