Video: Lil B, “Justin Bieber”

Have you ever wanted to watch Lil B put on his tight pants? Or maybe just wondered how he did it? Now is your chance. SPOILER ALERT: he has to do a little bit of hopping. Ostensibly this is a “live video” for “Justin Bieber,” but the reality is more just a compilation of footage, mostly from festivals, of fans going nuts for B. It is something that still warms our hearts and shocks us simultaneously.

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  2. basedboy SWAG says:

    lil b is the mufuckin SHIT

  3. arn says:

    damn. FADER has truly left me at a loss for words with the posting of this shit. it depresses me a bit because there certainly is a quality standard that does still exist in hip hop. a standard that elicits even the most basic levels of human thinking. this shit on the other hand, couldn’t stray further away from that standard. is there no other way to keep numbers afloat at FADER without having to succumb to such depravity?

  4. aaron l. says:

    what just happened to my life. i thought when soulja boy had his prime hip hop was at it’s absolute lowest, and then you, FADER, you of all places, showed that the low for hip hop is infinitely deep. i hope this was posted as a call to bring creatively, quality and substance back to hip hop, but if it was posted b/c someone w/ FADER thought this was the jam…ALL PARTIES INVOLVED SHOULD GET THEIR MUSIC CREDENTIALS REVOKED, BE ESCORTED OUT TO THE MIDDLE OF TIMES SQUARE AND SHOT UNTIL ALL VITALS HAVE FLATLINED…