Salem Warps Britney Spears For The Strip Club and The Apocalypse

Oh, what we’ve done as a country to Britney Spears, our Bush-era pop dream! First, her mental breakdown on the pages of US Weekly, and now this, a fucked up Salem mix of “Till the World Ends.” It’s set to a video that takes a night time trip from the strip club to Operation Desert Storm, and is so scarily sluggish and drugged it sounds comatose. It works, though, and if there was ever a track that conveys the group’s ethos in one short song, it’s this one: Salem at their most apocalyptic and slutty. And maybe it’s how Spears should always sound anyway, like apple pie rotted out so bad that there are bugs crawling through the crust.

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  1. you says:

    I was watching this video, but I had it on mute. I was listening to this:

    Very creepy, overall.

    Although now that I’m actually listening to the video, I guess that’s at least a little bit creepy, too.