Why is Memphis Rap Legend Tommy Wright III Playing in Philly?


Memphis’ Tommy Wright III is basically the last rapper whose name you’d expect to see on a flyer in Philadelphia. The lo-fi, tape fueled murder rap scene that birthed him is experiencing a minor renaissance right now, having predicted the curious work of internet age rap eccentrics like Main Attrakionz and SpaceGhostPurrp. Wright’s name rarely comes up in conversations about those artists. He’s a legend in Tennessee—and with creepy German fetishists who overpay for REAL BLACK MAN GANGSTA cassettes on eBay—but virtually unknown everywhere else. His Wikipedia entry was even deleted for failing to meet the site’s “notability guidelines.”

So it’s not really clear why he’s playing a Mad Decent party next Monday or who the performance is targeting. Is there some sort of secret cabal of Philly based hipster revivalists who gangsta walk ironically? Or an heretofore unheard of community of M-Town transplants—a Little Memphis, perhaps—on the outskirts of Philly? Is Mad Decent merely using this show as a tax write off to compensate for the cost of Diplo’s ill advised live-in sushi chef? Whatever the case we should celebrate its existence. If you’re Philly based you’ll get to witness a rare up-North performance (his first?) from an unheralded Southern rap legend. If you’re not in Philly, you can still watch the batch of Tommy videos on the next page. Everybody wins.

“Murder (Killin’ Spree)” (1997)

Ten Wanted Men, “Wanted Dead Or Alive” (1993)

“Gangsta Forever” f. La Chat & Playa Fly (1996)

“Runnin & Gunnin’” (1995)

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  1. James Esq. says:

    haha, runnin & gunnin is hot as fuc

  2. pedro says:

    whenever i see stuff like this im all wow tm3 gettin some shine thats nice…who is the cool guy writing about REAL NIGGA SHIT….maybe dude will stop rippin people off ebay and make dope new music then i look harder and see its noz writing it…lol

  3. thanatz says:

    Runnin n Gunnin goes hawrd.

    -Creepy German Fetishist

  4. Tommy Wright III is playin Philly next Monday cuz he’s one of the best to ever do it and people need to know.
    We reached out, he said “Hell yeah!” and now it’s on!!

    Thanks for the look, Noz!

    -D$J- Mad Decent Mondays Philly

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  6. tony says:

    the tone of this article is dumb. what the fuck is wrong with you

  7. benjy says:

    yes noz will get fired soon. lets have fun.

  8. ynsati says:

    yall niggas salty on the internetttttt

  9. david says:

    trollin trollin trollin we aint slept in weeks lol

  10. dan says:

    noz do a post on cbraps about forgotten memphis rap, plz?

  11. shawtybogus says:

    i’m guessing its cause a lot of these hipster electro producer dudes grew up listening and inspired by tommy and the like and finally able to bring the awesomeness to the masses since they got a platform now