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Jose Guapo, "Kickin' Shit" MP3

Near-repetition in rap production seemed to do wonders for Lex Luger's career. So it makes sense that the producer/rapper team FKi are sticking closely to the formula that they first outlined on Travis Porter's mega-hit "Make It Rain." They ever so slightly refine "Rain"'s stop-and-go bounce for ex-Rich Kids rapper Jose Guapo's "Kicking Shit," exaggerating the stomping tuba synths and adding squelched out sci-fi computer sounds to the equation. The track bangs and you can hardly blame them for their redundancies. After all, near-repetition seemed to work so well for Lex Luger. Jose drops the Jose's World mixtape May 2nd.

Download: Jose Guapo, "Kickin' Shit"

Jose Guapo, "Kickin' Shit" MP3