Is ASOS the Coolest Place On the Internet to Shop?


British retailer ASOS continues their trajectory of becoming the single coolest place on the web to buy threads. Their new lookbook for fall hits every trend we’re looking forward to come autumn, a seamless blend of nonchalant style and girly staples, mixing hyper-feminine dresses and animal prints with oversized tops and boyfriend blazers. There’s variety, too. Berlin-style severity is shown right next to looser, boho shapes. In a few short seasons, ASOS has climbed high on our shopping list, and it seems like things will only get better.

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  1. Mumbai says:

    Absolutely not. Don’t be silly

  2. Crans says:

    Ugh, keep it on the DL why don’t you?

  3. rap says:

    dammit keep it a secret wow