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Wise Blood, "@fuckwiseblood" MP3


In a half-second as this Wise Blood song starts, there's a sonic combination of an engine turning over, an explosion and glass shattering. It feels like a Gangsta Grillz drop, only adding to the general manic could-be-talking-about-rappers/maybe Wise Blood's Chris Laufman is a rapper vibe of the track, best encapsulated in the lyric Facebook's the same/ Twitter's always the same/ You either update tour schedules or you play up insane. Maybe extra-loving the message because we trawl this stuff all day, but internet-professional laments aside, with solid songs like this, it's clear Wise Blood's continuing their rise to endearment.

Download: Wise Blood, "@fuckwiseblood" (via dovecote)

Wise Blood, "@fuckwiseblood" MP3