Stream: Flash Bang Grenada (Busdriver & Nocando), “Beat My Bitch”

Whenever LA’s leading avant-rappers Busdriver and Nocando hop on a record together it tends to have a sort of hardcore, scorned nerd rap revenge sensibility to it. Like when De La Soul got fed up with being called hippies all the time and instead started getting into fistfights on tour. Bus and Nocan’s forthcoming Flash Bang Grenada project is the formal consummation of that alliance and will hopefully come with a fair share of proverbial fistfights. For this, their inaugural outing, they’ve jacked a Nosaj Thing instrumental and taken to beating bitches up. Not literally. They’re making beats bitches and then beating those bitches. And, as usual, they’re rapping circles around your favorite rapper. And then beating him up too, apparently, while wearing v-necks and skinny jeans.

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  1. Not Nocando says:

    I am definitely not Nocando so I can say this with zero bias this song is the best thing ever.!!!!!!

  2. not this bitch says:

    @ not nocando

    righty right i would say!

  3. not this bitch says:

    @ not nocando

    righty right, I would say..

  4. OnDrae says:

    Goes haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard!

  5. Dresden says:

    DOPE! Fucking finally, a group that will let me get excited about good hip-hop again. Sidenote: is Bus pissing in the background of that photo and shitting in the foreground? Do it, Bus, shit all over them wannabes!

  6. Reah says:

    I love that this is happening! Bring on the hilarious, insightful songs!

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  8. mr.t. says:

    making other rappers look like sheep. ty busdriver + nocando