Jamie XX’s Rinse FM Mix f. Jackmaster and Spencer MP3


Jane Austen’s characters always seem to arrange their schedules in fortnights, and so do the dudes from Numbers. Or at least that’s how they do their “fortnightly” radio radio show on Rinse FM (just to clarify, that’s every fourteen days). So if we were to translate that into American English—or better yet, into edit-speak—we might say, their bi-weekly show, and then we’d say, you should definitely download last night’s edition, which features a guest set from Jamie XX. He’s celebrating the release of Far Nearer, and opened up his set with a lovely, epigraphic soundbite from the late, great Gil Scott-Heron and new mixes of “Far Nearer” and “Beat For.”

Download: Jamie XX’s Rinse FM Mix f. Jackmaster and Spencer (via Numbers)

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  1. rap says:

    this was a huge show. numbers show is always huge. Footcrab vs Far Nearer – huge