Interview: Kreayshawn

Before releasing her insta-smash “Gucci Gucci,” pint size Oakland native Kreayshawn was an Ikea employee, prolific film school dropout and most famous for smoking weed with Soulja Boy. Now she’s a conversation piece and, whether you like it or not, a legitimate recording artist. Yesterday it was about 100 degrees outside in New York City, 90% humidity, and we spent the morning in the park talking about why it’s fun to smoke weed with girls, choosing a major label over an independent and her sticky relationship with her mom. Kreayshawn said she loves and respects both lesbians and ardent members of the based movement, but doesn’t identify as either of those things.

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  1. Saxonius says:

    Opera wore this wig —>>>>stoner

  2. mark schnipper says:

    <3 naomi

  3. Vlad says:

    Damn. She sounds straight from the yay area. Representin.

  4. anonymous says:

    watch out for those major labels…they’ll get yo a** hemmed up

  5. calvin says:

    very glad that arby’s was covered, that truly was a great question, hard-hitting journalism!!!!
    best line of the whole song !

  6. TNTussle says:

    61 “Likes” in this video in less than 6 minutes..I am like, and like. and like, and my mom was like….seriously this type of speaking is mind numbing…..

  7. DJBurgerKing says:

    and like i said like like a million times like in this video on Fader like i am on there like and I got a deal and like i am broke like

  8. ARBY says:

    2011, the year the fader became truly juggalo teeny boppin.

  9. Clayton. says:

    She is all Bay, all day. You can just tell.

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  11. rap says:

    please, whoever conducted this interview, don’t conduct another. if you do, come up with better questions than embarrassing ones about “Arby’s” or “what’s a basic bitch?” Both of those questions were just embarrassing. You could have done a lot more in depth questioning. Go watch a Nardwuar interview. Even his 2 minute interviews are eons better than yours.

  12. James Esq. says:

    @rap- fuck off you basic ass bitch…..Naomi’s interview was bomb as always

  13. James Esq. says:

    @rap- fuck off you basic ass bitch….Naomi’s interview was bomb as always

  14. Flyer and Higher Than MOst says:

    Bad Bitches & Comic Books

    very dope

  15. chad c says:

    I MOAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. rap says:

    @James Esq. Please, the interview was garbage and didn’t try to help me like Kreayshawn more. It’s embarrassing.

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  20. KidMr says:

    She reminds me of a Madtv parody. She could really be like this. I could highly careless lol

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  22. TalentScout says:

    I liked the interview, but she should shout out to StrangeCustoms because they made a sick video for her. JS

  23. moys says:

    Goofy ass!

  24. vernon says:

    Funny how neither of them seem to know how banks work. Anyone with a brain knows that checks take time to clear. I mean really?

    Also, hilarious how tailor made this “artist” is for Fader. Remember Lady Sov?

    Can’t tell who is more vapid btw – interviewer or interviewee?

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  27. iheartnyc says: