Beyond Digital: Chaabi Queens


Last time Jace Clayton (bka DJ Rupture) was on the road with FADER photo editor John Francis Peters they were chasing down tribal guarachero in Monterrey Mexico. Now they’re in Morocco for the month of June, working on an art/research project called Beyond Digital. They’ll check in each Friday.

The bustle and skronk of daytime Casablanca downshifts to a leisurely human buzz at the city’s only conspicuous tourist spot: the Hassan II mosque. It’s enormous. We’re here at sunset, taking a breather after a long day spent waiting in or for taxis, punctuated by conversations about music. John’s photo of the kid (who looks like a Giacometti) diving off the mosque into the Atlantic is striking—in part because he’s shot against only a sliver of this bigger-than-big monument, topped by the world’s tallest minaret, with lasers that point the way to Mecca. Hassan II asserts spirituality through sheer size. The families and couples and loners strolling around its environs—we’re just ants. Facing west, watching the sun melt orange then disappear, I feel the weight of the ocean separating this continent from America. Then a trio of track-suited boys strut by playing James Brown on a cassette boombox. Music makes home portable. This jam by Casablanca chaabi queen Zina Daoudia is all clamor and elegance. It feels like walking, then sprinting, through a crowd:

Download: Zina Daoudia, “Jaîdane”

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