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Nu Sensae Sounds Like Driving Off a Cliff


Vancouver's Nu Sensae is a whirlwind. An old LP by them opened with a sampled news story about Jayne Mansfield's decapitation in a car crash and that serves as a tongue-in-cheek warning: they're disorienting and momentous, heading right off a cliff. Daniel Pitout's drums are like a car driving way too fast at night towards the edge with vocalist and guitarist Andrea Lukic in the passenger seat wailing panicked. Their latest 7-inch Tea Swamp Park for Fast Weapons is streaming below, and it's a slightly new direction for them. It's still pounding, for sure, but Lukic's shrill tones are undercut with some haunting, ghostly vocals from Pitout, just a tad bit softer.

Stream: Nu Sensae, Tea Swamp Park

Nu Sensae Sounds Like Driving Off a Cliff