Beanie Sigel & Green Lantern Recording Follow Up to Public Enemy #1

This clip of Beanie Sigel on DJ Green Lantern’s Invasion Radio, which is seemingly recorded live from a new construction site, has been making the blog rounds today, mostly on account of the things The Broad Street Bully has to say about a wealthier and more famous rapper (they’re still not friends, in case you were wondering). But the real news nugget here is not so much the what of the interview but the why of it. It turns out that Beans is down in Atlanta working with Green Lantern on the proper follow up to their 2004 mixtape classic Public Enemy #1. (We’re going to pretend that the dismal and Lantern-less cash in Still Public Enemy #1, which didn’t involve Green, never happened.)

The reunion seems like a smart move for Beanie. He never really cooled as a rapper—he was spitting as raw as ever on his last proper album, 2007′s The Solution—it’s just that his career stalled while he seemed more focus on whining to the press about that other guy. His productivity dwindled and his beat selection suffered. But Beans has a proven chemistry with Green Lantern, who stands as one of the more reliable mixtape DJs (and one of the last to actually blend and scratch on his tapes). Plus Lantern he has a reliable track record for restoring focus in confused talents.

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