That James Franco Thing Has a Video Now

Okay so, what, exactly is James Franco’s involvement in this project? As far as we can tell, “Rising” is mainly the work of Kalup Linzy, and it is pretty good. Maybe Franco is helping with some of the production work? He’s definitely appearing in the video—we can tell that much. Kind of sucks that when Pineapple Express came out, Franco told everyone that he doesn’t really smoke weed, because it ruins our just-made-up hypothesis that he was around for this purely to provide performing arts tips and “spiritual guidance” (drugs). No but for real, it’s awesome that REAL LIFE FAMOUS PEOPLE are down to get weird in any capacity. Shout out to James Franco! Shout out to Kalup Linzy! Shout out to DJ Rupture! Shout to Dutty Artz! Shout out to Pineapple Express! Shout out to iMovie!

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