Battlekat, “He Didn’t Want a Lovesong” (Hyetal Remix) MP3


Apparently Just A Number 05272011 changed their name to Battlekat, which saves us some time on typing, but will probably add to the time it takes to explain to people that no, even though their name makes it sound like this is a drum n bass project, it actually isn’t. “He Didn’t Want a Lovesong” was a great, underrated song from the group when it came out a couple months back. Pairing fucked up vocals with an eerie instrumental tinkle that makes some dude not wanting a love song sound like something really worth getting angry about. Hyetal, who we will love forever, did a remix that wisely doesn’t stray too far from the original, but instead rounds out the whole thing with oceanic swells and submarine pings.

Download: Battlekat, “He Didn’t Want a Lovesong” (Hyetal Remix)

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