Future f. Drake, “Tony Montana (Remix)” MP3


Tony Montana” was a strange record to begin with, with “Racks” star Future doing his best impression of Al Pacino’s bad impression of a Cuban immigrant atop a middling but oddly infectious faux-Luger beat. But it has fully crossed into alternate dimension bad trip territory now that it—a still semi-underground Southern hit about dope dealing, crab cakes and cantaloupe (or perhaps dope, dealing crab cakes and cantaloupe?) —has an added verse from Drake. Drake, who until this point has basically only recorded with R&B contemporaries, his Young Money label-mates and top tier members of the radio rap illuminati Special Friends Club. It’s a frustrating turn of events because the small handful of crossover regional street rap hits were previously the only national records that urban radio played that did not feature or sound like Drake. But now, it would seem, he’s got his paws on those too. On the plus side, it will certainly get Future some more spins and, thus, more money for more crab cakes.

Download: Future f. Drake, “Tony Montana (Remix)”

This picture is a theoretical sea-bound agricultural city of the future, as imagined by Walt Disney 17 years ago. It was the first interesting thing to come up on Google Images because “Future” is probably the least SEO-friendly rap name since Game dropped the “The.” To further illustrate this point, here are things labeled “Future Rapper” and “Future Rap” from YouTube, neither of which are more confusing than Drake having a cameo on this song:

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  1. Big Sean says:

    Drake did a pretty solid impression of me

  2. rap says:

    most important SEO article I’ve seen to date, thank you fader, The/noz.

    I saw that The Weeknd posted it on his tumblr, most likely because of the Drake cosign. The track is kind of “eh” to be honest, but the chorus, even with it’s horrible Tony Mantegna impression (or is it Joe???????? help, ) kind of led me into a brief moment of Stockholm Syndrome, insisting that it’s not as bad as we think it is. The track then ends and I’m like “wtf” all over again.

  3. Thumper THUMPS says:

    the chorus actually seems like it might’ve began as a cover of Lil B & Messy Marv’s “Hannah Montana” but as a theoretically more gangster version. & then just got weirder. it has the same rhymes & repetition tho, & notably similar name… LOL.

  4. Lupé says:

    @Big Sean, Drake kills you.

  5. def bingo says:

    prepare for the deluge of drakes on drakes on drakes

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