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Wild Yaks, "Million Years Old" MP3

You may remember Wild Yaks as one of those cult bands that people either know and love, or don't know at all. Point is, those that do care, really care. We're firmly in the caring camp, so when man/personality-about-town/Wild Yaks frontman Rob Bryn hit us with this new song and the exciting info that the band has been working on a new album since February, we started running around the office yelling about how stoked we were. People looked at us weird, so we sat back down and wrote this instead. If you also care about Wild Yaks and their intense visceral energy, you can see them tomorrow at Rockaway beach, which is also conveniently (and romantically) referenced in this song.

Download: Wild Yaks, "Million Years Old"

Wild Yaks, "Million Years Old" MP3