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Boy Stop: Beyonce’s Dad Swears He Didn’t Steal From Her

July 12, 2011

Matthew Knowles, father and former manager of great American show runner Beyonce, is trying to prove that he didn't steal anything from her.

In March, Beyonce announced she was dropping Knowles as her manager and business partner. He said the decision to split was "mutual." Now, a legal paper filed by Knowles against Live Nation Entertainment suggests he was fired. Knowles claims that he was terminated after an audit conducted by Beyonce's lawyers found evidence that he stole earnings from her touring efforts. Knowles argues Live Nation told Beyonce he was stealing, prompting the audit, but insists their accusations were false. He's asking a judge to make them prove he's a thief.

When he lost his job, Knowles said he was, “very focused on the tremendous investment that (Music World Entertainment) our record label has made in the gospel/inspirational genre of music.” Now, those devotional numbers don't seem to be satisfying him. Church tracks don't work this hard?

Boy Stop: Beyonce’s Dad Swears He Didn’t Steal From Her