Stream: Balam Acab, “Apart”

balam acab

The shape of the Soundcloud waveform for Balam Acab‘s “Apart” spoils its bass drop surprise a little bit. The track winkingly begins with 30 seconds of fuzzy near-silence, so you’re maxing out your headphones trying to hear what the hell’s going on before that meteoric BWOWWW. But watching the streaming player doesn’t reveal the most brilliant part of all, the song’s beautiful, mostly-pitched-up vocals. Even though the mystery vocalist dabbles in incomprehensibility, it’s the most fully-formed singing we’ve heard from the young Mechanicsburg, PA production star. Balam Acab’s debut full-length Wander / Wonder comes out September 6th on Tri Angle, a day that will surely end with us lying in bed with broken speakers feeling slayed.

Stream: Balam Acab, “Apart”

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