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Tawiah, "Breakaway (Lapalux Remix)" MP3

Tawiah's Soundcloud page has been filled this week with British dance remixes of her work, which on its own leans toward pretty straightforward nu-soul. Greenmoney and Young Montana have chimed it, but the far and away star contribution comes from Essex producer Lapalux and his take on "Breakaway." There's an acoustic version of the track filmed in a sanctuary, which explains Lapalux's remix's introductory chimes, but nearly as soon as they begin, he kicks in a drum roll and dives down the cylon's esophagus. On her own, Tawiah has such a powerful voice, but their pairing here is fireworks and she sounds even tougher pitched up and down, fighting through the thousand tones Lapalux whirlwinds around her.

Download: Tawiah, "Breakaway (Lapalux Remix)"

Tawiah, "Breakaway (Lapalux Remix)" MP3