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Water Borders, "What Wiwant" MP3


Guess what, it is wildly hot out all the time right now. It's awesome, but it also screws with our music listening. Like, some stuff is just not meant to be listened to in weather where it is too hot to really do anything but think about popsicles. Water Borders, however, make dense, warped, confusing music that feels at once theatrical and absolutely maniacal, and is perfect for pure humidity. Not that those things are mutually exclusive, but "What Wiwant" sounds like the kind of thing you'd hear echoing from a dark alley with a lot of steam rising from a manhole like a scene right out of Tim Burton's Batman. Water Borders' album Harbored Mantras is out October 10th on Tri Angle.

Download: Water Borders, "What Wiwant" (via Stereogum)

Water Borders, "What Wiwant" MP3