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Daily Inspiration: Funkadelic, "Cosmic Slop" Live 1976

It is Monday and there's a noticeable absence of both significant shredding and grown men wearing diapers to be found here on Recorded Halloween night, 1976 at the Houston Summit, this footage finds Funkadelic's tag team guitarists Michael Hampton and Gary Shider respectively filling in both of these gaps.

If you spend any amount of time reading the comments on old YouTube videos, you've surely noticed the obnoxious reoccurring trend of empty why don't they make music like this anymore laments. But watching a clip like this it's really hard not to ask that very question. As one commenter put it: "I wish black music would be musical and fun again like this. And, hey, look at the man in the diapers singing about something extremely serious......what happened to the human race?" I can hear my mother cry.

Daily Inspiration: Funkadelic, "Cosmic Slop" Live 1976